Character Options Neptune

Character Options Fireman Sam Neptune

The Character toy version of Neptune the Rescue Boat was first released in 2010.

Neptune Boat

Fireman Sam Neptune Rescue Boat by Character

There are two earlier versions of Neptune by Born to Play; a floating Neptune with wind-up outboard and a smaller die-cast toy version.

Born To Play 'Floating' Neptune

Born To Play 'Floating' Neptune

The floating Neptune has a removeable articulated Penny Morris figure in yellow, without a helmet. Both of these Fireman Sam toys are now discontinued.

The die-cast version by Born to Play has a non-removable standing Penny Morris in helmet figure at the helm. The Born to Play Neptune, like the revised Character version, has sound effects. The Born to Play die-cast Neptune is distinguishable by its much deeper keel.

Character toy’s Neptune Fireman Sam rescue boat has push-button Fireman Sam theme tune sound effects, though does not include Penny Morris.

Penny usually takes the helm of Neptune which a fast-moving rigid inflatable lifeboat. This toy goes very well with the Fireman Sam Boathouse Playset, which does include Penny. There are also figures of Sam and Penny in sea rescue outfits available separately; the figures can be strapped in behind Neptune’s helm.

Neptune can be pushed along on the wheels on the base of this Fireman Sam rescue boat.