Ambulance and Nurse Flood

Ambulance and Nurse Flood

The Fireman Sam Ambulance Vehicle comes with an exclusive Nurse Flood figure.

This vehicle features side and rear opening doors. The Ambulance also includes a First Aid Box accessory.

Fireman Sam Ambulance

The Character Fireman Sam Ambulance

Two versions of the Character Options Fireman Sam Ambulance set can be found. The electronic version plays sounds from the show and requires batteries. The more basic version is a pushalong vehicle without sound effects.

Helen Flood is the Pontypandy nurse. It’s Helen’s job to drive the Ambulance and assist Fireman Sam by providing medical care in any emergency rescue incidents.

You can also still find the earlier friction powered Ambulance set by Born to Play which is in a slightly larger scale and also includes a Nurse Flood articulated figure.

Nurse Flood and Ambulance

Nurse Flood and Ambulance

Nurse Flood's Ambulance Fireman Sam Toy

Nurse Flood's Ambulance by Born to Play