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Fireman Sam Toys

Fire Rescue Centre

The Fireman Sam Fire Rescue Centre is a brand new playset for 2015.
Fireman Sam Fire Rescue Centre
Made by Simba Dickie and distributed by Character Options, the Fire Rescue Centre is an interactive playset featuring the entire Pontypandy Fire Station.

The Rescue Centre set has real opening garage doors and a fantastic long winding ramp to run emergency vehicles down. In a real emergency, simply press the button to flip open the station doors.

The set also has a neat helipad mounted on the station roof for Tom Thomas to land on. The Rescue Centre comes with a number of handy accessories to mount on the playset which easily snaps together.

The Fireman Sam Rescue Centre toy is ideal for play with the new range of miniature Fireman Sam die cast vehicles. Vehicles currently available, also by Dickie, include Jupiter the Fire Engine, Venus and Wallaby One, Tom Thomas’ Helicopter.

The popularity of the Ocean Rescue Playset means Character are releasing a die-cast version complete with die-cast Neptune rescue craft.
Fireman Sam Rescue Vehicles

Fireman Sam Diecast Fire Rescue Centre

Fireman Sam Rescue Claw

The Fireman Sam Rescue Claw is a great role play toy from official toy licensee Character Options.

Fireman Sam Rescue Claw

Fireman Sam Rescue Claw

With the Rescue Claw set fans can perform emergency rescues just like their hero Fireman Sam in epic movies such as The Great Fire of Pontypandy.

But don’t worry mums and dads as this Rescue Claw is perfectly harmless – even naughty Norman could play with this one safely, and that’s really saying something!

The Rescue Claw is the ultimate accessory to go with a Fireman Sam dress up costume and safety helmet – don’t leave home without one!

Fireman Sam Scooters

Fireman Sam Rescue Scooter

Look out for two brilliant new Fireman Scooters from MV Sports.

The Fireman Sam Rescue Light and Sound Scooter is a must-have for the younger fan. Not only does it feature three flashing blue lights on each side, but also real life fire engine sound effects.

So slap on your blues on twos as you scoot nee naahing down the road to the next emergency! Fireman Sam to the Rescue with this fab Light and Sound Scooter.

Since you are going to want to put out the fire when you get there, MV have now come up with the sensational real working Fire Extinguisher Tri-Scooter.

The Fire Extinguisher Scooter has a refillable plastic ‘fire extinguisher’ bottle on the front which works equally well for soaking mum and dad!

Who needs Jupiter when MV Sports have come up with such a terrific fleet of Fireman Sam scooters?

Fireman Sam Scooter with Fire Extinguisher

Fire Extinguisher Scooter

Fireman Sam Toys

Welcome to Pontypandy where we’re dedicated to Fireman Sam Toys.

Fireman Sam Toys

Fireman Sam Figures by Character Options

Fireman Sam already has quite a few different action figures, several versions of Jupiter and many other wonderful toys to discover.

Learn how easy and fun it is to have a vintage Fireman Sam toy collection.

Find out about the brilliant new Character Options range of toys to accompany the all new CGI animated Fireman Sam series.

Use our handy checklist to see if you have every Fireman Sam figure.

We hope this site gets you as fired up about Fireman Sam toys as we are!

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Fireman Sam

With the launch of the new CGI Fireman Sam Fireman Sam toys are getting a 21st century relaunch of their own.

New master toy licensee Character Options have an excellent track record in developing similar themed ranges of toys.

Character’s new Fireman Sam toys offer Fireman Sam fans the ability to recreate the village of Pontypandy with its Fire Station, Supermarket and Rescue Lodge. With Jupiter, the Rescue Helicopter and the Ambulance Fireman Sam, Fire Officer Steele, Elvis and Tom Thomas will have no trouble putting out the fires and making sure Norman Price always gets back home safely to Dilys.

Fireman Sam Rescue Receiver

Fireman Sam Rescue Receiver Toy

The Fireman sam Rescue Receiver is a great new toy from Inspiration Works.

Inspiration Works are a market-leader in electronic toys that are both fun for kids and educational at the same time.

The Rescue Receiver is something completely new for Fireman Sam fans. It’s a small, neat-looking handheld toy but packed with enough interactive features to keep young firefighters busy.

With three quiz modes, kids can easily and enjoyably learn colours and numbers.

Touch the contacts mode to find out more about your favourite characters from the Pontypandy Fire Brigade.

In music mode you can listen to the Fireman Sam theme tune.

Activate the yellow call button to hear incoming emergency messages and find out your next Fireman Sam mission.

The Rescue Receiver gets its first release at retail in Spring 2013.

The Fireman Sam Rescue Receiver will be widely advertised on TV and kids magazines and deserves to be a huge hit.

Fireman Sam Helmet

Join the Pontypandy fire crew with the Fireman Sam Helmet.

Fireman Sam's Helmet

Fireman’s Helmet With Sound

This Fireman Sam toy features music and phrases from the Fireman Sam show; just press the button located on the top of the helmet!

This toy helmet is simply essential for hours and hours of great fun role play games. It combines well with the dress up outfit and Rescue Claw set.

The Fireman’s Helmet with Sound toy is made by official Fireman Sam toy licensee Character Options, one of the UK’s top toy makers.

Fireman Sam Outfit

This Fireman Sam Utility Belt includes everything you need to dress up like Fireman Sam.

Fireman Sam Costume

Fireman Sam Toy Utility Belt

The set includes a red firefighters jacket and utility belt with walkie talkie, working torch and toy fireman’s axe.

The revised Character Options Utility Belt Set features a blue fireman’s jacket.

Utility Belt Set

Fireman Sam Utility Belt Set